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Trail Map / Teaser Text Report

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Trailmap / Teaser Text Report
Input the name of the trail map / teaser text report, i.e. the first field.
Enter the name of the Wiki page that should contain the report.
Cancel if Wiki page already exists.
Overwrite existing Wiki page, save old revison.
Append to existing Wiki page, save old revison.
Sort order: Ascending: 0-9, A-Z.
Descending: Z-A, 9-0 (suitable for dates, news, etc.)

A trail map / teaser text report is based on markers that have to be present in each Wiki page to include. The format is:

%%name:description:sort:teaser text%%
An identifier for the report / trail map. One Wiki may contain more than one trail map. One Wiki page may belong to different reports as well.
(Optional) If given, replaces the Wiki page name as heading.
(Optional) A sort order hint for the report. For a chronological order, enter the date in the YYYYmmdd format, e.g. 200507021. Any other sort order hint will be fine, too. For example, one may create categories 'a', 'b', 'c'. In the case several pages provide the same sort order hint, the Wiki page name is applied to sort this group.
teaser text
The text that is supposed to appear beneath the heading. It may contain Wiki markup, but it must not contain a colon (':').

Sample: %%news:Software Shares Rise:200507291231:Today the markets openend with...%%

Note: PWP will create a heading followed by the teaser text.
This report is useful for tutorial trail maps, news pages, etc.

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