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TOC Report
Input the name of the table of contents, i.e. the first field.
Enter the name of the Wiki page that should contain the report.
Cancel if Wiki page already exists.
Overwrite existing Wiki page, save old revison.
Append to existing Wiki page, save old revison.

A TOC report is based on markers that have to be present in each Wiki page to include. The format is:

An identifier for the TOC. One Wiki may contain several TOCs. One Wiki page may belong to different TOCs as well.
The name of the related page. Can be either on the same level or one level above. Leave this field empty for the top chapters of the TOC.
0|1: Zero indicates that the page should be at the same level as its predecessor. On moving the page one step deeper, the current page becomes a subchapter of the predecessor.
Optional: Text that should be displayed in the TOC instead of the Wiki page name.

All colons are required; empty fields have a double colon, e.g. use %%toc::0:%% for a top level chapter with no extra description.

Working with level and predecessor information makes it fairly simple to move a chapter with a whole tree of subchapters to another location or level: Just change the predecessor of the chapter; the sub chapters remain unchanged.

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