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Keyword Index Report

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Keyword Index Report
Input the name of the keyword index, i.e. the first field.
Enter the name of the Wiki page that should contain the report.
Cancel if Wiki page already exists.
Overwrite existing Wiki page, save old revison.
Append to existing Wiki page, save old revison.
Sort order: Ascending: 0-9, A-Z.
Descending: Z-A, 9-0 (suitable for dates, news, etc.)
Mapping: 1 keyword -> many WikiPages
1 WikiPage -> many keywords (suitable for phone lists, etc.)

A keyword index report is based on markers that have to be present in each Wiki page to include. The format is:

An identifier for the index. One Wiki may contain more than one index. One Wiki page may belong to different index pages as well.
A case sensitive keyword. Expressions or groups of words are allowed.

Sample: %%index:fast:red:dangerous%%

Note: PWP will create a definition list containing the keyword or expression as definition term and the corresponding Wiki pages as definition text. For each definition term, there is a similar named anchor available.
In order to provide a "see also" link within your text, enter [[IndexPageName#keyword (see also keyword)]].

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